Our shop thrives with much more than simple consistent avionics. Courtney planes have a mix of the most modern glass cockpits, highly reliable legacy instruments, public safety radios, cellular, mesh networks, and satellite connectivity. Our FAA certified avionics shop is masterful at maintaining new and old aviation systems. These flying communications centers, we call Commanders, need far beyond the best avionics for the worst weather. Emergencies don’t happen in nice conditions, nor do we pick what radios ground teams have.

Courtney has always excelled in provisioning our planes with the most advanced datacom and best radios possible. Renowned in the industry for the most well-connected planes, our avionics shop designs and maintains these systems in any remote condition, to always be ready for the next mission.

Beyond a fluent compatible aviation system, all of the emergency comms, datacom and networking must work harmoniously during emergency missions. Instruments provide exceptional situational awareness (SA) for the pilot, Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS), and systems operator/mapper. Courtney’s avionics have led the industry for 20 years.