Data Link Mesh Network Communications

Evolved over many years of obsessive focus on data communications, Courtney Aviation has excelled by utilizing robust and versatile communications links. Cutting edge data links allow hi-speed datacom/internet, local/wide area networking and virtual private networks (WAN, LAN and VPN) allow us to remotely run our cameras from anywhere. Live streaming video, heat polygons and maps flow live to the ground over the best data channel. We load balance a variety of cellular, satellite and mimo data links.

We have over 35 nodes, built into our aircraft, radio vans and mountain top repeater kits. One single-hop line-of-sight (LoS) connection has live-streamed video over 140 miles (limited only by horizon). A MANET radio van in Los Angeles has live-streamed aerial infrared and super-zoom stabilized gimbal video from Santa Barabara to Mexico; redistributed live to unlimited handheld phones and offices anywhere in the world.

These systems have so much success that when applied in the field we have received compliments and comments of interest in our equipment from American and foreign militaries. We’ve successfully deployed network systems all over California and beyond from the frequency congested Los Angeles Basin to the challenging topography of the coast range or the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Mesh networks combined with the ubiquitous coverage of First Net and satellite allow our deliverables to immediately reach those who need it most.